sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017


My Love 

Without wanted, without feeling it nearly without being concious 
I fell in love.
Thin, nice, beautiful crazy girl, we were living the sixties.
Deluded years from one generation that confused everything.
Love, miracle daily bright that enlight my entire life.
After fourty years or more of living, without feeling them being together.
Today I still fell in love with you once and again till I´ll die. 


I am not the same I felt yesterday.
Changed without knowing why?
It is today what let me empty?

Ideas come and go without any sense
Thoughts incessant that drill the head
Not hopes only awaiting everything go by

Be you I say, but so another day
Going after chimeras that vanish
There is not any sense or hopes just wait

One and another day, waiting for what 
Dead without doubts, easy relax for ever
Sleep, not to think, not to suffer, not await 

Sleep for ever, at the end rest perhaps?
Who knows? life it is a not sense being so
when there is not will to continue

Only rest is the time, today only rest is my will. 


I thought when beside me you sleep
look at your freckled face, your smile so craved.
The love in your eyes, your lighting look .

The tune of your voice, if you are blue or happy.
Some things I imagin looking you sleepy.
Close my side you follow and a new day dawns.

Waiting what for

Far away from our real world
Quiet we see the past of days
Gathering enough time to past 
the years.

Sunset shorten our time
uncertain future we await 
despite prisioners here we are
without anxiety time past

Happy following the path
sooner or later the end would be
to our life together waiting
the happy life being in peace.

el gatufo


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All are like friends.
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Love the sunshine of the meadow,
Love the shadow of the forest,
Love the wind among the branches,
And the rain-shower and the snow-storm,
And the rushing of great rivers.

The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Love the smile on your face
Love the softness of your voice
Love the nights of Winter together
Love the touch of your fingers on my skin
Love the noise of your breath sleeping
Love the sound of your heart against mine.

Thanks dear poet, may be you inspire me with
your kind words.

el gatufo

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017


Que sientes cuando sin mi estás
acaso te percibes que ya no estoy
o sigues ensimismada en tu vivir


Destino cruel conocerte
sufrimiento continuo de amante sin amor
viendo al ser querido siempre a su lado
sin atreverse a decir te amo mi amor.

Estás ya acompañada, pero feliz te sientes
es mi pregunta siempre al borde de soltar
y no me atrevo un día más
a confesarte mi encendida espera


Tanto tiempo esperando
una dicha semejante
y tan efímera fue que pienso
no sirvió de nada ser fiel
fiel a que, a quien, a una idea
nunca pensé que la ilusión
fuera tan corta, que sin tu
amor tan pronto despertar sería
cotidiano dolor en lugar de amor
vivir sin ti es un imposible
que nunca pensé podría soportar


Ya no me miras, ya no me amas
nunca estas dispuesta a hablar
en que, en quien piensas
que tan callada estás.


Igual que te amé
nadie te amará
cuando despiertes 
no me encontrarás
de ti ausente estaré
mi soledad ya no sentirás
de amante no correspondido
sin tu amor la vida viviré
tu tiempo pasará
sin amor como el mío
ya nunca mas amada vivirás
y mi ausencia en desamor
pronto sufrirás.


Sin ti un día mas
un infierno soportar cada mañana
en mi ya eterna soledad.

Pensé que conmigo estarías siempre
Y te vas, te has ido ya
Sin decir adiós me has dejado
ni una palabra de mas

Hoy sin ti me he despertado
donde estás
Este mundo no era para ti
tan joven te marchaste
sin saber que yo no vivo mas

Tu ausencia no podré soportar
allí donde te encuentres
pronto estaré
recorriendo otra vez juntos
alguna otra nueva senda para

Cogidos de la mano para siempre
felices otra vez de estar juntos
de correr una vida, otra vida ya sin fin
esa es mi esperanza que me lleva
a pasar el resto de mi vida sin ti


el gatufo


LIKE I loved you no one will love
When you wake up you´ll don´t find me
I´ll be missing from you.

My lonly heart you´ll never feel again
Unrequite lover not one day more
without your love iI will live my love.

Your time will be pass

No love like mine would you ever find
never so beloved your life would be.

My absence in hearbreak.

Soon after you´ll suffer
and my today´s pain I´ll not desire
you my dear heart broken heart.


What do you feel when without me you are?
Perhaps you perceive that I am not
Or are you still absoved in your living?


You never look at me, don´t you love me more?
you are never willing to talk
what do you think about?
whom are you thinking all time
that you are so still 


Without you one more day
endure hell every morning
in my eternal and loneliness.

I thought you'd be with me always
And you go, you're gone and
Saying goodbye you left me
not a word more.

Today I woke up without you
where you are
This world was not for you
so young you left
not knowing that I do not live any more.

Your absence can not face
wherever you are soon I be
again traveling together
another new path for walk.

Hand in hand forever
happy to be together again
to run a life, another life and endless
that is my hope that leads me
to spend the rest of my life without you.

el gatufo